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CGT tokenomics

Initial Supply

100,000,000 CGT

of which 14.8M CGT is technically minted on Curio parachain

Token Type

ERC-20 compatible

with additional mint/burn functions to ensure the functioning of the Curio StableCoin Protocol

CSC Hybrid System

We are building one of the first hybrid Aragon DAO system with Curio Stablecoin, Ethereum 2.0 staking and Polkadot parachains. Special bridges for swaps will be developed for holders of CUR and CURV tokens. All CURV token holders will have staking incentives: staking rewards and a bonus program. Rewards will be in Curio Governance Token (CGT) and reserved shares of future wrapped security tokens.



The Keeper regulates the price of CSC in the market.
The Keeper acts independently and derives incentives from profitable opportunities to create liquidity in different sides of the decentralized structures.
Keepers participate in the market based on the Creator Protocol and then help CSC stay within its target price.
This is done by selling CSC when the price is higher than the target price or purchasing CSC when the price falls below the target price in the marker.

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