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What if you could earn income from valuable items sitting at home, all while making it possible to have access to instant liquidity?
Most real-world-assets sit idle, generating no returns. Meanwhile, non-liquid real-world-assets such as cars, art, and wine represent at least USD$520 trillion in value.
Investments in fine art, cars, wine, and other rare collectibles have been reserved for institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals for way too long.
CurioDAO’s mission is to unlock value from non-liquid assets, enabling them to generate yield. CurioDAO provides firms and asset originators the right platforms to create a market for their real-world-assets (RWA) and intellectual property (IP).

Why real-world-assets when you can 100x on speculative tokens?
Diversification is key for risk management and real-world value is central to long-term success.
In 2019 we were the first in the world to tokenize a fine collectible rare car and have expanded to 9 asset classes since then across the following categories:

Become part of the DAO

Create DAO proposals

Vote on DAO proposals


Rollapp enables users to earn income on their real assets, freeing up capital and allowing crypto investors to diversify with a real asset portfolio.
The Rollapp marketplace enables the creation of physical NFTs and direct investment into real-world-assets. Asset originators consign their real assets digitally, decreasing costs and addressing key liquidity gaps.
Rollapp was part of the SKALE launch program with only five other players. Since then, Rollapp has been leading traction on the SKALE network, grown 2x in the last quarter and has integrated with Chainlink and MakerDAO.


Lend against real-world assets by locking NFTs as collateral.
CurioInvest enables anyone to invest in collectible cars on its simple, user-friendly platform.
TBC: What is the new role of CurioInvest? Just for investors? Should this be clearer?


CurioDAO has created a new legal primitive for ownership and intellectual property (IP) ownership called Wrapped Fractional Physical-NFTs that allows communities to invest in real assets. Wrapped Fractional Physical-NFTs allow asset originators to rebalance without needing to sell early or auction their assets. Creating liquid real assets markets via autonomous algorithmic market makers and decentralized finance.

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