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Team Events

Use this space to organize any team events or offsites you want to plan for your team

Team Events aren’t just “nice to haves” — they’re essential to ensuring a team is engaged, and working as effectively with each other as possible.

Coda ensures it’s really easy to plan team events — and for them to be done well.

Here are tips, templates, and guidelines on how you can use this space to organize team events.

Don’t let the fun planning work always drop on the same people. Create a rotation for a social crew to divide up that invisible labor

Planning team events and offsites are critical to ensuring a team is intentionally protecting time to bond, feel engaged, and build trust - to ultimately work best as a team, and hit the goals we’re after! That said, actually planning these events often falls on whoever happens to raise their hand, or the manager, which realistically lends to the same people having to take on that extra, invisible labor, constantly. You should be intentionally dividing up that invisible labor, and being proactive on protecting time for these events. Here are some ways you can do so.
Copy this template from Rosetta Phan, a recruiter at Coda, to intentionally create “social crews” to take on team events for a quarter. She’s also added a suggested cadence and a starting point for ideas!
Click in below to look through!

An effective offsite is more than just time to bond - don’t let that time go to waste

One of the biggest accelerators or inhibitors to an effective team is how they work together. Therefore, any time you bring the team together, whether it’s a team meeting or team event, you need to be very intentional about it. An offsite is one of the highest leverage, critical moments you can create — and being very clear on the goal of the offsite you’re planning is essential.
Copy this template from Claire Johnson, Stripe’s COO, who built an amazing toolkit that helps distill how to think about offsites, and how to run them, so no moment goes to waste!

Tip: After you copy a template, you can either keep it in a separate doc, or embed back into this People Team Hub, if you want to keep everything contained in one People team hub.

Don’t underestimate a blank canvas!

If you’d rather have a blank space to brainstorm and plan a team event, you can also do that in this team hub.
First, create a subpage in this section by hovering on the right of the ‘team events’ tab on the left, and click on the 3 ellipses that shows up. You can then add a subpage.
Screenshot 2023-08-18 at 3.54.33 PM.png
Once adding a subpage, you can create a blank page to begin collecting ideas, and customizing however you want to go about planning the event. We’ve provided an example of what it might look like here (click in, and use the tables we’ve already created, or add in your own tables and content!)

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