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You can use this subpage to add in your process, from its work-in-progress state to finalized version! Here’s an example of a flexible PTO policy that we use at Coda.

We strongly believe in sustainable high performance by our team. To enable this, we understand our employees need a good balance of taking time to recharge. Our flexible paid time off (PTO) aka vacation policy lets employees flexibly manage how they take time off as long as they are able to effectively get their work done and balance the needs of their team. This is in addition to Coda observed holidays,
Here are some guidelines and asks to ensure the two-way street between Codans and managers remain open to have the flexibility to recharge, whilst ensuring our team’s goals keep moving.
Confirm approval from your manager. Please receive approval (over slack, email, or 1-1) from your manager on your PTO requests to ensure there is appropriate team and work coverage. Depending on the situation, you and your manager should be ready to discuss alternative options on when the time off works better.
Give sufficient notice to coordinate time off with your team. While you should always confirm approval and communicate with your team ahead of time on your PTO plans, the longer you anticipate being out (e.g. >1 week), please raise that as soon as you can (e.g. at least 2 weeks in advance), so your manager and team can best plan.
Be mindful about our critical business time periods. For example, product launches or end of quarters, esp. for our GTM orgs, may be more crucial times where team coverage is particularly needed. We need Codans online and need to be strategic about time off.
Communicate your time off Include on your personal calendar. Add the relevant groups to the invite (i.e manager, team members) or put on your team calendar. Set your Slack status to reflect that you’ll be out of office 🌴.
International Travel. We’re a distributed and diverse company and want to support Codans with what makes sense for their personal needs, while considering business impacts and the complexities of international travel and regulation. Please be diligent to comply with [link to doc] prior to planning any international travel.

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