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People team hub

A one-stop shop for everything related to our team, initiatives, and processes.
People teams build their hubs in Coda to keep everyone on the same page—no matter how the company and information evolves. It’s basically ten tools in one, allowing you to keep a roster, meeting notes, project trackers, processes and program documentation, and resources in one hub.
This doc is a starting place for you to create an intuitively-organized and engaging hub for your team. You can add pages, and type / to insert templates, media, buttons, tables, and more. Fully customize this doc so it feels as unique as the team it represents.

Our mission

While a vision plants a flag where you want to go, a mission statement answers the what, how, whom of getting there.
Your team mission goes here.

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Our team

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Polly Rose
Head of People
I’ve been to 60 countries!
Buck Dubois Brzinski
People Partner
I love cats!
Felix Marlin
L&D Manager
I love board games.
Mary Jones
People Ops Generalist
I am an avid skiier.
Maria Marquis
People Ops Generalist
I am in an acapella group.
Lola Tseudonym
Manager, People Ops
I listen to a ton of podcasts!
Alan Chowansky
People Programs Manager
I’m a history buff.

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