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Processes / Policies

Use this as a place to document policies and processes

In the HR world, you need one source of truth to reference for the most up to date processes and policies.

What’s additionally awesome? You can hold both ‘work-in-progress’ drafts and the finalized version, and easily embed pages from other docs in as needed.

We’d recommend having processes & policies nested in this one area, so it’s very easy to find in the team hub. Simply hover on the right side of the page, and click on the 3 ellipses.
You’ll see a couple options show up. Click ‘Add subpage’ anytime you want to add a subpage for a new policy or process. You can also ‘Add embed’ anytime you want to embed another page from a different doc or tool you might want to pull in information from.
View of options to add a subpage
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View of options to embed from Coda/other tools
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