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Two Way Write Up

A ‘writeup’ is a catch-all term for a written document that helps a team achieve their objective. They get used for many purposes, from generating ideas, to driving decision making, to ensuring clear communication.
At Coda, we believe the next phase is what we call ‘two-way writeups’. Similar to one-way writeups, they start with a clearly framed or articulated set of ideas. But picking up where one-way writeups fall short, two-way writeups create a structured and interactive conversation. They guide reviewers to give actionable feedback. They create an inclusive environment by enabling anyone to clearly state their sentiment and ask questions that others can upvote.
In short, they are more efficient at moving a team toward their goal.
Most writeups are one-way, but it’s time to bring collaboration out of the comments and into the writeup itself. For examples, see or .
Or for our full thoughts on two-way writeups, take a look at the doc below.

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