LIVE: Interior Decoration Masterclass
LIVE: Interior Decoration Masterclass
Module 5: Shopping, Installation, & Styling

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5.3 Styling Tips and Tricks

Styling Tips and Tricks

We will all want to change some things from time to time, so to make this even easier I suggest...
Start with Neutral Base: Begin with neutral or foundational pieces for your decor, which can serve as a timeless backdrop for your design.
Add Pops of Color: Introduce color and personality into your space through layers of decor elements, such as accessories, cushions, and artwork.
Consider Seasonal Decor: Embrace seasonal decor changes to keep your space fresh and relevant throughout the year. Swap out items to reflect different seasons, holidays, or special occasions.
Each of these are great ways to redecorate and spruce up a room many times without having to put in additional cash to do it each time.

Action Items

Create your table top composition (coffee table, dresser, bookshelf, console... whichever one applies to the space you have selected)
Follow the Rule of Threes (or create clusters of odd number items)
Mix items to create your compositions. Include items such as: books, flowers, decorative sculptures, boxes, trays, candles, picture frames...
Mix texture, materials & heights
What are some holidays that you would like to add seasonal items for? Make a list of little seasonal things you can add to change up the room.


Holiday Decoration Ideas

1. Holiday 1: [Insert Here]

2. Holiday 2: [Insert Here]
3.Holiday 3: [Insert Here]
4. Holiday 4: [Insert Here]

5.Holiday 5: [Insert Here]


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