LIVE: Interior Decoration Masterclass
LIVE: Interior Decoration Masterclass
Module 1: Interior Decorating

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1.2 What are Your Goals?

1. The Significance of Your Space

Your space should be a reflection of your identity
Real-life examples (e.g., a writer's space, a cozy reading nook for relaxation)

2. Understanding Your Space

Consider its purpose and location
Prioritize practicality over idealized aesthetics
Examples: Small urban apartment living room, shared bedroom, basement playroom.

3. Lifestyle Integration

Analyze your daily routines within the space
Aim for practical, functional design
Examples: A kitchen suitable for a family that loves to cook together, a bedroom that accommodates a morning workout routine, a living room that doubles as a home theater.

4. Room Functionality

Identify primary room functions and occupants
Is this room going to be for:
Examples: Dining room for hosting, home gym, guest room doubling as a home office.

5. Sustainability and Durability

Choose long-lasting design elements
Examples: Selecting durable paint options, durable flooring for high-traffic areas.

Action Items

Open up your course workbook and fill out pages 2-6 to really determine what your needs are.

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