LIVE: Interior Decoration Masterclass
LIVE: Interior Decoration Masterclass
Module 3: Space Planning

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3.4 Drawing Your Floor Plan

1. Applying the design principles

Consider how to achieve balance, harmony, and rhythm in your floor plan.
Visualize your space through your drawing.
Use your floor plan to bring your design ideas to life.
Ensure your floor plan reflects the intended mood and function.

2. Explore various examples for guidance.

Review different floor plan examples to understand the process better.

3. Getting your floor plan ready.

After having gone over a couple different examples of what floor plans look like. It is time to create our own!
Pages 5-6 in our “How To Guide Book” will be our biggest resource.

Action Items

Using pages 5-6 in your copy of the “How To Guide Book” create a hypothetical floor plan for the room you are designing.
Go back to your measurements that you did in in order to be able to draw the items that you will be keeping to scale in the floor plan.
This is going to be the first draft of our floor plan, and we will continue to perfect it throughout the rest of the course!



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