LIVE: Interior Decoration Masterclass
LIVE: Interior Decoration Masterclass
5. Abundance By Design Summit

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5.16 Morning Meditation

Meditation with Jennifer Hill

She started making her own skincare when she was just a kid. She raided the pantry for ingredients to make her own hair and face masks to mimic the recipes she found in magazines. As she grew older she would make bath salts and skincare using clay and essential oils found at her local drug store. Over time, she refined her skills by learning more about ingredients and developing a consistent beauty ritual. In college, friends came over to shower at her place so that they could use her latest concoctions! A beauty routine is something that has always been important to her. It helps her to feel balanced and grounded. These days, She is a working mama but she still carves out time for a daily routine. Sometimes it's a luxurious bath and face mask, but most days it's just a quick exfoliation and body oil. She teaches the importance of carving out time for self care and how to utilize your space in order to do it.
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