LIVE: Interior Decoration Masterclass
LIVE: Interior Decoration Masterclass
Module 3: Space Planning

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3.1 Space Planning Basics

1. Light Switches, Doorways, Entry/Circulation Spacing Tips

Light switches at 48"-44" high.
Doorway width: 24"-36".
Doorway height: 80"-84".
Entry/circulation: 24"-36" wide.

2. Furniture Spacing Tips

Knee space between sofa and coffee table: 9"-18".
Height difference between end table and sofa arm: 1-3".
Knee well depth under a table or desk: 21"-24".
Space between seat and underside of table: 8"-12".
Space between dining chairs at a table: 12"-18".
Chair width under a desk: 24"-30".
Space behind desk for chair: 36"-48".
Chair pullback space between wall and table: 24"-36".
Around table: 42"-48", 60" on passageway side.

3. Kitchen Planning Spacing Tips

Distance between island and cabinets: 42".
Ideal work triangle: 21".
Min. area next to stove: 15" wide.
Min. area next to sink: 18"-24".
Min. area next to fridge: 15".

4. Design Styles

Explore different styles!
We did this earlier in


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