Booked-Out Bridal Photographer
Booked-Out Bridal Photographer
Module 12: Getting Published on Wedding Blogs

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The Process to Getting Published

Understanding Backlinks and SEO: Backlinks are links from other websites that point to your site. Search engines consider backlinks as a vote of confidence, indicating that your site is trustworthy and valuable. This is crucial for search engine optimization (SEO) because it helps boost your site's visibility in search results. By obtaining quality backlinks from respected wedding blogs, you can improve your website's rankings and attract more organic traffic.
The Importance of Authority and Trust: Being published on a reputable wedding blog can significantly enhance your credibility as a wedding photographer. Clients often place trust in these platforms and view them as reliable sources of inspiration and information. When your work is featured on a respected blog, it validates your skills and expertise, increasing potential clients' confidence in your services. It establishes you as a trusted professional in the industry.
Finding Relevant Blogs: Conduct thorough research to identify popular wedding blogs that align with your brand and aesthetic. Focus on blogs that cater to an audience similar to your target clientele. Look for blogs known for high-quality content, engaged readership, and a strong presence in the wedding industry or your local market. Make a list of these relevant blogs to prioritize your outreach efforts.
Approaching the Blogs: Once you have identified potential blogs, reach out to them in a professional and respectful manner. Introduce yourself and briefly highlight your work, emphasizing why you believe it would be a good fit for their platform. Customize each outreach message to show that you have done your research and genuinely appreciate their content. Adhere to their guidelines and response times, demonstrating your professionalism and attention to detail.
Working with Blogs: When you determine which wedding blog you would to submit your content to, make sure you first understand their specific requirements. They may have specific image size preferences, guidelines on the number of images to submit, or a preference for particular types of content such as real weddings or styled shoots. It is essential to adhere to their guidelines to maximize your chances of being published. Blogs are primarily interested in detail photos of the day (invitations, venue aesthetic, floral design, signage, ceremony space, and tablescape) as these photos serve as inspiration to their readers.
Creating Content for Blogs: When planning your photoshoots and documenting weddings, keep in mind what wedding blogs are seeking in terms of content. Consider incorporating unique details in your lay flats, stunning locations, and trending styles into your work. Aim to create visually captivating and inspiring images that align with the blog's aesthetics and resonate with their audience. The more your content fits the blog's vision, the higher the likelihood of being featured.
Growing Your SEO & Authority Long-Term: Regularly getting featured on reputable wedding blogs can have long-term benefits for your SEO and authority. As your work appears on these blogs, it increases your online visibility and exposure. This heightened visibility can attract more potential clients to your website, leading to increased inquiries and bookings. Additionally, being featured consistently on respected wedding blogs positions you as an authority in the wedding photography industry, further enhancing your reputation and credibility.
By strategically collaborating with wedding blogs and understanding the value of backlinks, authority, and targeted content, you can leverage the power of these platforms to expand your reach, attract ideal clients, and establish yourself as a reputable wedding photographer.

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