Booked-Out Bridal Photographer
Booked-Out Bridal Photographer
Module 11: Workflow and Post-Production

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Post Production Workflow

Back-up your images in multiple locations as soon as possible post wedding. Never delete the images from the SD/CF cards until the gallery has been delivered. Use a hard drive and cloud storage to make sure your files are safe.
Social Media Highlights Shared withing 24-48 hours of the event! This helps your clients & their friends and family amplify reach as they will organically share these photos!
Within 2-4 days- Share a larger Sneak Peek of Wedding Photos (50-100 minimum Edited Images) from their day.
Cull the entire wedding with Photomechanic. Try to cull the gallery to 100 images per hour of coverage or more. For an 8 hour wedding, 800-1200 images is ideal (higher amount if you have a 2nd photographer)
Edit and Mark/Highlight photos from each lighting scenario in the gallery. This will enable you to cut and paste (or use AI) to quickly edit the photos. If you are using an outsourced editor, you will then export the lightroom gallery and send the LR Catalog over for edits.
Once your full gallery is color corrected to your brand look, it’s time to do the final touch ups on skin, removal of distraction objects, adding black and white images as needed.
Export the images at full resolution and upload too your wedding gallery hosting site (IE Pic-Time). Photos should be exported with enhanced sharpness for screen to ensure the best display.
Back-up images on your hard drive as well.
Have your automated sales start for the gallery (IE 25% off prints, albums etc. for the next two weeks) that is also mentioned in your upsell email.
If this wedding was portfolio worthy, make sure to blog the wedding with best SEO practices. Link the best portraits/details with the blog link on Pinterest. Share the blog link on Facebook and IG Stories.
Depending on how much the client invested with you, it’s nice to also follow-up with a handwritten note, a couple prints wrapped in a ribbon in a custom print box.
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