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Content Monetization

Subscriptions using Unlock Protocol

You can use Darkblock and Unlock Protocol together to collect recurring payments from users for access to content. You can use this model to build your own Patreon or Onlyfans equivalent service without the need to build or maintain websites or infrastructure.
Note: this is for EVM-only chains (Ethereum, Polygon, and Avalanche).
Here are the basic steps:
Create an Unlock Protocol contract to offer subscriptions, this contract is called a “lock”.
, which enables you to add a piece of content to be available to buyers of the subscriptions. The buyers are issued NFTs called keys, and anyone with a valid key (must be able to prove ownership, and the Unlock Protocol must show that your subscription is all paid up) will be able to access the content.
Continue to add more content over time to ensure the subscriptions are delivering value!
Use the Unlock Protocol widget to sell end-users keys. You can do this in your own site, or direct people to a page on the Unlock Protocol site.
Use the to embed the content on your website, or direct people to the to connect their wallet and view the content.
See the video below for more context. It shows the content rental workflow, but the subscription flow is the same. You can .

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