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Content Creation

Use Case: Content Creation
Creators: Videographers, Vloggers, Instructors, Content Creators, NSFW Creators
Supported File Formats: PDF, PNG, JPG, MP4, MOV
Comics and Books
Are you a Content Creator using platforms like Patreon, Udemy, OnlyFans, or YouTube to distribute and monetize your content? Expand your reach into Web3 with NFTs. Up until this point, the right-click-save nature of NFTs has kept mediums like content creation and subscription services from entering the Web3 space.
Darkblock’s decentralized access-control protocol changes that by offering vloggers, content creators, and course creators the added protection layer and access controls they need to control the distribution and monetization of their content without needing to rely on centralized platforms.
Rather than simply selling an NFT that is used to token-gate content on a centralized platform, creators can use the Darkblock app to upload their content (we support any kind of file type), which is then encrypted, permanently stored on Arweave (the only decentralized and permanent storage solution out there), and attached to their chosen NFT so that only the owner of the NFT can access it. That unlockable content is now immutably tied to that NFT forever.
With new Web3-native ways to distribute content comes opportunities to monetize that content in new ways. Creators could sell their newly upgraded Content NFTs to their fans, rent temporary access to their NFT’s unlockable content, or even collect subscriptions (coming soon). Our development roadmap even includes the ability for creators to share with their NFT holders any revenue that comes from the content locked inside their NFTs.
Subscriptions are possible because Darkblock allows creators to attach an unlimited amount of content to their NFTs. You’ll be able to collect subscriptions and easily send your subscribers daily pics, weekly episodes, monthly lessons, etc.
Only the NFT owners are able to decrypt and access the content you upload, which they can do on the Darkblock app, on a growing number of platforms that have integrated the protocol, or even on the creator’s own website using Darkblock’s NPM packages or a simple embed. Access controls also allow creators to determine whether NFT owners can download the content or not.
Once you realize what’s possible with decentralized unlockable content, the opportunities to make more money from your content and form stronger bonds with your fans are endless.

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