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Use Case: Movies
Creators: Filmmakers, Cinematographers, Documentarians, Videographers, Directors, Actors, Producers
Supported File Formats: MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI, WEBM, HTML5
Filmmakers are experimenting with NFTs to fund production, but are usually forced to return to Web2 tools to distribute the finished film (i.e., using token gating with centralized file storage and centralized web portals).
With Darkblock, filmmakers can use NFTs to not only crowdfund, but to deliver the finished product to their holders in a decentralized way that provides true ownership to their early supporters. Darkblock enables filmmakers to attach multimedia content to existing NFT collections (like the First Edition one used to crowdfund) or to new collections they plan to sell.
Why not also attach concept art, deleted scenes, blooper reel, interviews with the director and cast, etc., and provide fans with the Web3 version of the special edition boxed DVD sets some of us remember buying.
Only the NFT owners are able to decrypt and watch the movie or show, which they can do via the Darkblock app, Darkblock’s Android TV app, or creators can incorporate the Darkblock Viewer into their own website with Darkblock’s NPM packages or simple embed.
Because Darkblock allows creators to upload and attach an unlimited amount of content to their NFTs, creators can continue to reward holders by uploading behind the scenes footage, exclusive merch, or even early access to screenings.
Plus, Darkblock’s development roadmap also includes the ability for creators to explore new monetization opportunities, including subscriptions, pay-per-view and Web3-native movie and TV show rental.
Once you realize what’s possible with decentralized unlockable content, the opportunities to make more money from your content and form stronger bonds with your fans are endless.
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