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Darkblock is a decentralized chain-agnostic protocol that enables creators to control the distribution and monetization of their content. We enable creators to attach multimedia content, such as music, art, movies, ebooks, 3d files, pdfs, and much more, to NFTs and sell them in innovative ways. The owner of the NFT is guaranteed access to the content they purchase forever.

What problem is Darkblock solving?

The creator economy is one of today's fastest-growing business segments, and it's just getting started. But it's dominated by Web2 platforms that have control over distribution and monetization (98.6% of Spotify's artists make just $36 per artist per quarter).
Creators are turning to Web3 because of the promise of continued royalties and stronger communities. But Web3 lacks the tools needed for most creators to build meaningful communities and sustainable incomes because creators and web2 platforms rely on the monetization of consumption (reading, watching, listening, etc.)

How will Darkblock solve this?

The Darkblock protocol is uniquely positioned to be the monetization bridge between creators and their communities in web3 by bringing true digital ownership to NFTs.
Encryption and storage
The protocol encrypts and stores digital content on Arweave for hundreds of years.
Attached to an NFT
The content is immutably tied to an NFT. This ensures the portability of the content and permanence in access by whoever owns the NFT at any given time.
Access Control
NFT owners sign data with their wallet to prove ownership of the NFT before access to the content is granted by the protocol.
The protocol will enable creators to set their own rules around monetization of their content. Be it through pay-per-view, subscription, or any other monetization route they see fit. They will even be able to allow their NFT collectors to monetize the content in the same way with a revenue split.
Easy Integration
We offer a complete, chain-agnostic solution for builders that makes integration seamless. The API enables our partners to create Darkblocks with a simple REST call, and ready-to-use and easily customizable software speeds up integration.

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