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What Is The Goal Of An Integrated Business?

Our ultimate goal is to create a business that is sustainable and growing at least 30 percent year over year, all guided directly by the company’s leadership team.

In our experience, the best way to achieve that is to implement a system that encourages discipline – where goals are set and people are accountable for those goals.

In an Integrated Business, that means that the GM takes ownership of the operating model; a leadership team is introduced; people systems are put in place which are overseen by a dedicated Culture and People Person; structured goal-setting is implemented; structured communication is adhered to; and there is a culture of structured learning throughout the company. This is all part of a well governed and disciplined company.

The goal of this system is to have each of these facets implemented and adhered to within 8 months. The person who oversees the entire process is the Integrator.

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