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Clear and Generous Incentives

In order to achieve full Integration, a business must offer clear and generous incentives at all levels of the organization. The goal of these incentives is to attract and retain talent.
While any business should want to attract the best workers, one of the most efficient ways of doing that is by retaining top talent. If you’re able to offer employees generous enough incentives that they stay with the organization through busts and booms, they will certainly recommend your business as a place to work.
We talked about bonuses for the Leadership Team in the section. Another potent tool for both retaining and attracting talent is a referral bonus. If an employee recommends someone who they believe is a good fit for the company, they will receive the same money that the company would pay a recruiter. A portion is paid out after the new employee has been there for 90 days, and again after six months.
The Leadership Team’s incentive may be tied to a bonus based on revenue, or EBITDA among other metrics. If the company makes $1 million in revenue, 10 percent of that can be split amongst the Leadership Team.
Further project-specific bonuses can be implemented for project leaders.
The principle here is that the Leadership Team should have incentives that align them with owners and lower-level employees should have incentives that align with management.
These incentives are designed to encourage collaboration and community within the organization.
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