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Structured Communication

One of the greatest challenges in any relationship is communication. Whether it’s between husband and wife, the CEO and COO of a powerful company, or two friends playing on a playground, communicating what you want, feel, and think is a difficult undertaking.
An Integrated Business will have a structured communication cadence at all levels of the organization. Every single person should have a weekly one-on-one meeting and a quarterly performance review. This creates a culture where ideas can flow up and down.
After all, you want to hear from the people in the company who are actually dealing with customers on a regular basis. These include service techs, CSRs, and any other front-facing employee. In order to achieve this, you need to create a culture within the organization where it is okay to bring ideas to the leadership team.
One way to structure it may be to have regular meetings between the service manager and the technicians they manage. The manager should stress that the company believes in sharing ideas. Whatever the idea is, the employee’s suggestion is acknowledged and rewarded in some small way, just for bringing an idea to the table.

Fun Fact

said they are more likely to stay at a company that takes and acts on feedback.

Communication Cadence

A communication cadence is the rhythm of communication between people. In this case, between the members of the leadership team and the people they oversee. The rhythm for each person may be different, but it needs to exist. Imagine the Beatles without Ringo, they’d still be able to hum a tune but it wouldn’t be a good song. Without a clear plan and cadence, communication amongst team members can break down and be ineffective.

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