Leadership Meetings

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What Does An Ideas Meeting Look Like?

Purpose: Bring new ideas from all levels of the organization to the leadership team’s attention.
Outcome: Implement new ideas and reward those who made the suggestion. Foster community and ownership of the company.
Process: This is a meeting where ideas from the rest of the company are brought up, reviewed, and followed up with feedback.
You want to hear from the people in the company who are actually dealing with customers on a regular basis. These include service techs, CSRs, and any other front-facing employee. In order to achieve this, you need to create a culture within the organization where it is okay to bring ideas to the leadership team.
One way to structure it may be to have regular meetings between the service manager and the technicians they manage. The manager should stress that the company believes in sharing ideas. Whatever the idea is, the employee’s suggestion is acknowledged and rewarded in some small way, just for bringing an idea to the table.
The service manager records that idea and takes it to the monthly ideas meeting to be reviewed by the leadership team. Then the People Person in the company can follow up with whoever originally brought up the idea, in order to show that their input is valued.
The culture we want to create in every company is one in which ideas flow up as well as down.

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