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Documentation: Replicated Hitbox System


This project allows you to easily and quickly add fully replicated animation hitboxes, projectiles with adaptable collision and different spawning methods, as well as damage volumes to your animations/world. The system uses C++ but no knowledge of C++ is required!


Customize it, Make it yours - Allows you to customize the system even in real-time.
Plug & Play - Simple AnimNotifies to add to your animations and the rest is history.
Simple Blueprints - The system is mostly in blueprints with some base classes in C++, coded with optimized industry standards. No C++ knowledge is required!
Fully Replicated - The entire system is replicated over the network and can be played in multiplayer.
Damage Types - Want special types of damage/collision like Block, Parry, Knockdown, Stun, Stagger; etc.? Each attack ability can be customized with a DamageType class or Gameplay Tags to send all the data you need!
Animation Hitboxes - Be it an RPG or a fighting game, add flexible hitboxes to your animations with simple AnimNotifyStates.
Projectiles - Use our projectile class with an adaptable and modifiable collision shape! You can also modify everything from the damage to the speed and VFX.
Projectile Rain - Want to rain down hell on your foes? Fear not, for all you need is a simple AnimNotify. Set the extent of the hellish rain, the projectile speed, the damage and much more!
Beams - Laser beams that deal damage with a capsule. Fully customizable and interacts with the specified object types.
Homing Projectiles - Are simple projectiles not cutting it for you? Try our special-made homing projectiles. Not only can you set the homing target and speed as well as the damage and the collision shape, but you can also spawn them in bulk and in different methods.
Spawn Methods - Want to spawn your homing projectiles along a vector? Or maybe randomly in a box? Perhaps you’d like them to spawn in a circle? You’ve come to the right place. Use our commented algorithms and don’t let your foes know what’s coming for them.
Damage Volumes - Spawn damage volumes with adaptable collision shapes and deal damage to everything and everyone inside for as long as you need them to suffer!

Demo Controls


Plugin Setup


Modifying the Damage System

The damage system relies on a single common interface for broadcasting damage events to both victims and attackers. The interface BPI_Hitbox can be found under Blueprints/Interfaces
To replace this interface with your own system, simply follow the next steps
Open the blueprint search tool in UE5 ​
Look up RHS_OnHit. You will get all the places where the interface methods are being called. ​
Double click on the interface call of the feature you want to modify (Projectiles/Beams/Hitboxes/etc) and you will be taken to the blueprint ​
Now remove the RHS_OnHit function and replace it with your own damage function calls.
You can do this with all the feature blueprints.

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