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Documentation: Replicated Hitbox System
Replicated Hitbox System

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Projectile Rain

Projectile Rain - Want to rain down hell on your foes? Fear not, for all you need is a simple AnimNotify. Set the extent of the hellish rain, the projectile speed, the damage and much more!

Projectile Rain

Probably one of the simplest features of the plugin, Projectile Rain rains down a shower of projectile in the bounds of a collision box. The duration, fall speed, XY deviation of the falling projectiles, the spawn frequency as well as the size of the box are all modifiable.
You can also choose the type of projectile class to spawn.
To use this, you can either put the BP_RHSProjectileRain actor in your level and configure it directly in the spawned actor’s Details Panel, or you can spawn it through an animation with the BP_SpawnProjectileRainAnimNotify, in which case you can modify other settings such as the location offset, etc.

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