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User Churn (As of July 2021)

The tabs included in this document include January-June 2021 churn data.

The churn data is segmented into 8 main categories
A description of all the categories can be found below.

The following categories include:

This category shows the new accounts PhoneBurner lost, from January to June, based on whether they were a team or solo account and whether they were a premium, standard, or professional account.
This category breaks down the accounts PhoneBurner was losing based on account size in January compared to June of 2021.
This category breaks up account churn rates by industry from January to June.
This category breaks down churn rate by how many times the user logs in during the first 30 days.
This section shows data detailing onboarding’s relationship to churn rate.
This category breaks down churn rate of customer that use SMS and vPhone.
This section dives into whether accounts that have discounts have better churn rates.
This section displays how PhoneBurner’s churn has specifically changed over the last couple months.

Overall Takeaways:

Since my last report in January the following things have been discovered:
Listed by importance:
1) Customers with discounts have a much lower churn rate
2) Customers that have vPhone or SMS enabled have no real effect on churn rate
Updated list of churn factors that make a good/bad churn customer:
Listed by importance:
Churn Factors
1. Onboard Status
Bad Churn Customers
Not Onboarded
Good Retention Customers
2. Account has discount
Bad Churn Customers
Good Retention Customers
3. Account Size
Bad Churn Customers
Solos and tiny teams
Good Retention Customers
Small, medium, and large teams (Prefer Larger)
4. Industry
Bad Churn Customers
Automotive, insurance, marketing, and political industry
Good Retention Customers
Mortgage, solar, and human resources Industry (Mortgage is preferable)
5. Login Count (First 30 Days)
Bad Churn Customers
Good Retention Customers
About 25 or more times within the first 30 days
6. Current Billing item
Bad Churn Customers
Good Retention Customers
Premium and Professional (Does not really matter)
7. Use SMS or VPhone
Bad Churn Customers
Good Retention Customers


This section holds all of the tables used to gather the information above.
By: Otto Rydell
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