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User Churn (As of July 2021)
What types of new customers are unsubscribing?

What Accounts Are Leaving Now?

Types of New accounts leaving (Based on subscription level)
Created with Highcharts 9.3.1Date AddedCurrent Billing ItemProfessionalPremiumStandard Account2020-12-2021-01-2021-02-2021-03-2021-04-2021-05-0246810121416182022
Types of new accounts leaving (Solo v. Teams)
Created with Highcharts 9.3.1Date AddedDate AddedSoloTeam2020-12-2021-01-2021-02-2021-03-2021-04-2021-05-0246810121416182022242628
This data shows that overtime new accounts churn rate based on subscription level may not have a huge impact on churn rate as it is constantly changing month after month.

It seems that as PhoneBurner gains more new team accounts more new team accounts are leaving at rates higher than ever before, and I believe this growth is the only reason for the higher amounts of team accounts that are churning.
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