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User Churn (As of July 2021)
What types of new customers are unsubscribing?

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Industry Churn Data

Change In Retention Rate After 30 Days / Industry

From the chart above it can be known that:
- New mortgage companies have by far the highest retention rate after 30 days at 91%.
- Automotive, Insurance, Marketing, and Political have the worst 30 day retention rate at less than 80%.
Change In Retention Rate After 1 Year By Industry
From the charts above it can be known that:
- Accounts in the mortgage industry still have the greatest long term churn rate at 41.7%
- On the other hand, accounts in the insurance, marketing, and political industry have the lowest long term churn rate at less than 20%.
For the most part the data suggest that there is a constant long term correlation between churn rate and industry type, but there is a weak correlation between new customer’s industry and their churn rate after their first 30 days with the service.

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