small talk

💁‍♀️It’s my pleasure. Thanks so much for meeting with me.
How are your doing?
💁‍♀️I’m doing really well. It’s such a nice day here.
💁‍♀️I worked this weekend. But I got a lot of done. So that was good.
Yes, it dose feel good to get work done.

Tell me a little bit about yourself.
💁‍♀️I’ve been working at teahouse for 5 years as a design lead.
💁‍♀️I’ve 15 years of experience in UX/UI design.
💁‍♀️Because of my time at startups, I have a lot of experience in product design.
💁‍♀️After graduation, I was hired at Yahoo! I started my career as a user researcher and currently the design lead of teahouse.
💁‍♀️During that time, we launched several products, The AUM grown steadily. It’s been a great experience.
💁‍♀️But I’ve run out of room to grow with teahouse. I’m looking for new opportunities.
💁‍♀️I’ve a lot of experience leading team in creative process and finding the opportunities to increase our user base.

Can you tell me how you heard about this position?
💁‍♀️I saw this position on linkedin.
💁‍♀️A friend of mine saw this position on linkedin and forward it to me.
💁‍♀️So I spent some time on your website learning about position and the company. It’s really got me interested.

What attracted you to our company?
💁‍♀️I was impressed with your commitments about keeping growth.
💁‍♀️To be honest, what really caught my eyes was your focus on growth.

What would you say is your greatest strength?
💁‍♀️My great strength is flexibility. I find that this is very important when I’m working with lots of different people and opinions.

💁‍♀️I would say my greatest strength is a combination of enthusiasm and persistence.
💁‍♀️My work ethic won’t let me settle for less than my best.

💁‍♀️I’m able to persevere (pərsəˈvir) through challenges and setbacks without falling into frustration or anger
💁‍♀️I notices that tends to keep those around me in good spirits as well, which is a plus.

💁‍♀️I knew my reaction would set the tone for group. I acknowledged that it was a setback, but challenged that group to think of this as a blessing in disguise.

💁‍♀️My biggest weakness is public speaking.
💁‍♀️It’s something that I’ve sent a a lot time to working on.
💁‍♀️i’m very comfortable in small meeting with my team. But when I present an idea or concept to a large audience. I still experience some stage fright.
💁‍♀️At this point, I can handle these situations professionally with practices. Hope one day I can really enjoy it rather than just survive it.
💁‍♀️That make sense.
💁‍♀️I’ m really appreciate that you’re considering me for the position.

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