Informal Email

Dear Angel,

How’s everything? Thanks a lot for your letter which I received last week. It’s such great news to know that your family plans to visit Taiwan next month
I think you’d really enjoy visiting some places for the kids.Because both kids are still little (young), I would suggest several places that are easy to go and kids friendly. As for the indoor activities, I recommend an art museum to the kids that has loads of fascinating exhibitions. They also provide hands-on exercise that kids can play with. You can’t be missing it.
The outdoor activities around Taipei, for example, hot spring, theme parks, and also night markets. I think the best way is to get a two-day pass on a tourist bus. You can get it at many tourist spots, it takes you to many major spots around Taipei
The most important thing is I would like to meet you in person, let me know the hotel you stay at, as soon as you have time, let’s grab a coffee together. Do not hesitate to ask me any question or help if needed.
Best regard.

Informal → a name / Formal → To whom it may concern,
Make sure who received the letter? First? Reply?
a news x / a piece of news
family + Vs
parents + V

in this week x → this week / next week / in the weekend
the both kids x → both kids / both of the kids
Don’t start with the paragraph with “Because”
As for + N , S + V
recommend something to somebody
recommend somebody to + v
hotpot, hotspots, hotspring
the Taipei x → Taipei
stay at the hotel
drink a coffee with me. x —> let’s grab a coffee together

Third paragraph
solutions (where to find it? what to do with it?)
what will you experience

Forth paragraph
to gather with friends
advice to do together
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