opaque 不透明 ōˈpāk
conservationists 保守主義者
starlings 八哥
sparrow 麻雀
on the hop 措手不及
distorting 扭曲 which may distorting the figures
appealed 上訴 appealed to household to help protect the bird....
readiness 準備就緒 now is readiness for the breeding season
plain 清楚的 The lower body is plain and unstreaked
unstreaked 未條紋的
dwindled 減少 both species have dwindled by 60 percent in the past 30 years
exteriors 外觀 the past few decades to maintain the exteriors of their properties, such as ...
eaves 屋簷
gutterings 排水溝
deter 阻止
excavate 挖掘ˈekskəˌvāt
ornithology 鳥類學
Marsh tit and willow tit ,whose numbers has fallen by an average of 65 percent in the past 30 years
=65% decrease in the numbers of both birds on average in the last 30 years
decline by 52 percent in the past 30 years
= 52% decrease

authentic (adj)

If something is authentic, it is
, or what say it is.
He was there and
what , so his is the only authentic .

argumentative (adj)

often arguing or wanting to argue
Don't be so argumentative.

alleged (adj)

to say that someone has done something or without giving
an alleged fight

deteriorate (adj)

to become worse
The political situation in the region has deteriorate rapidly.

renowned (adj)

famous for something
The region is renowned for its outstanding natural beauty.

pavement terrace


The is an venue for and .

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