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Line graph
increase, grow, rise, expand, climb, escalate
skyrocket, jump, sharply, soar, shop up, take off, boom

increase steadily
jump sharply

Our expenses rise on a yearly basis.
A product + has increased + on a yearly basis.
Shipping expenditures go up year by year.
Our popularity is climbing little by little.
little by little = steadily = slightly
We escalated our production rate by 15%

go down, decrease, come down, decline, fall off, reduce, contract, shrink
slip, plummeted (快速下降)
drop sharply
The economy in Taiwan continues to contract.
The rate of the birth percentage has fallen off recently.
recently→have/has +ppv

level off, at the same level, flatten out
stay the same, remain constant, stay at the same level, maintain the same level
our prices has remained stable for three years.
The figure has shown a stabilized(adj) trend in the graph. =
The trend of the figure stabilized(v) in the graph.

We had significant growth in 2016
We had grown significantly in 2016

The item had dramatically increased since/from 2015 to 2106
*considerable 相當大的 / considerably 相當大地
Identical to 完全相同 Car profits numbers for June are identical to our figures for March.
Equivalent to 相當於 (接近) 100 NTD is equivalent to 3USD.
經濟恢復: rebound, rally
Car sales rallied when we introduced the new product. The economy in Taiwan has rallied due to the new cooperation with other countries.
最高點: at the high peak, reach a high peak, topped out, reach a high point
最低點: bottom out , reach a low point
The product A reached a low point which accounted for merely 10% in 2020.
The line graph illustrates … *illustrate, indicate, show, present, demonstrate
The provided line graph illustrates the differences in A numbers at + 地點 over + 時間
2:10 / two-ten/ ten past two
2:30/ two-thirty/ half past two
2:45/ two-forty-five/ a quarter to three
2:50 / two-fifty / ten minutes to three

fortnight / two weeks
millennium/1000 years
Christmas Day
25 December
December the 25th
The 25th of December

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