Reading words

state-of-the-art 最先進的的

There is nothing worse than fretfully counting the ringgit when you should be watching the sunset.
fretful 煩躁的

a third-party mandate
mandate 授權

In the EU, most healthcare is free or subsidised.
subsidise補貼 補助

There are risks involved in all travel but a few sensible precautions will help you limit them.
sensible 明智的 合理的
precaution 預防
far-flung 廣散分佈的
far-flung parts of the world

the onus us on you to find out the etiquette and observe it
etiquette 禮儀
Stick to the beaten track at first
off the beaten track 描述一個遊客不常來,人煙罕至的地方
tread yourself occasionally

It may be tempting to play the intrepid traveller
intrepid 強悍的

anticipation 預期
fewer than a dozen
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