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These exercise videos/picture under “video/picture demo” are done by our group and is to provide techniques on how to do these exercises which may help you with your lower back pain.
We are not liable for any injuries/problems caused.
Always consult your doctor/physician for any professional medical advices should you have any injuries/problems.

How to follow through

There is a total 25 types of Exercises, but you would only need to do 10 of these.
There are 3 exercises in each section with 3 different variations labeled as “Normal, Easier, and Harder.” Only the overall stability and Exercise 3 of lower back would have 1 exercise.
If you find the standard exercise too easy, you can make it more difficult by doing the Harder variation or Easier if it is too difficult.
You can press on the Triangles to open up pictures and videos of the exercises.
This workout is about 15-20mins for 1 set and you can do up to 3 sets.
Remember hydrate and take adequate rest after the workout.
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