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The problem is not the shortage of resources but the abundance of it on the internet. To efficiently learn, one needs a defined path which we have provided you in the program. With that problem solved, some resources that would help you to fasten your learning process are mentioned below:
: Access the Data Science Resources curated by GreyAtom which will help in further learning and strengthening your concepts.
: As beginner’s to coding in Python, you will face a lot of errors while executing tasks. Next time you face such an error just google the error you have come across, one of the first results you would come across will have a stackoverflow link addressing the error. This website will be really helpful going forward to solve your doubts regarding programming.
: Useful articles regarding various topics of data science have been published by all kind’s of DS enthusiasts throughtout the world and will surely be helpful.
: The best aspect about the article on this website is that it explains all of the topics with its necessary hands on application as well.
: This websites provide a explainer articles, tutorials etc related to Data science. The website doesn’t look great but do not go on the looks it has a lot of useful resources to study from.
: Very useful website with a lots of topic and project explanations
: This youtube channel extensively covers topics of mathematics including the ones required in Data Science.
: This channel makes videos explaining topics which learners find difficulty in understanding initially and onboards them in a very efficient manner.
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