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Hackathons are basically Data Science competitions wherein the knowledge you’ve gained from the content and the projects from the platform as well as the live mentoring sessions will be used to solve a Data Science problem end to end.
You form teams and compete with peer learners in the program to get at the top of the leaderboard in a stipulated time.
The schedule and other details of the hackathon will be provided as and when the competition nears.
Must haves to participate :
Should be familiar with basic Python operations
Should be familiar with Manipulation and Visualization
Should be familiar with basics of Statistics
Should be familiar with the understanding and implementation of Regression as well as Classification concepts
Should have attended 8 Saturday sessions Level 2 code along

Following material will help you when in getting started with the hackathon and should be referred every time before the competition :
Useful articles to get started with:

Github: We recommend you to create a github repository for the project so that you can share your experience and showcase it
- If you find diffculty in using the git commands to work with github, you can work with github desktop as well
Trello:To manage time and work plays an important role in a hackathon, trello boards can be used to manage work
- Signup with trello
- Understand how it works
- Manage your team and tasks
Low code solution tool to get you started
- A drag and drop tool to help you create an end to end ML pipeline
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