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Career Bootcamp

Career success requires more than education and willingness to work. Hundreds of people have benefitted from our experience in preparing industry ready candidates. With our guidance and your hardwork we can achieve the goal to build a perfect profile which the industry can’t ignore.
Therefore we bring a strategically developed and intensive bootcamp where we deep dive with various industry experts to discuss the various aspect of a perfect Data Science Portfolio.
We will be discussing on the following simultaneously during the bootcamp:
Portfolio Project
Resume Building
Linkedin Profile
Interview Tips
Mock Interviews

Each day we will be taking up one of the above mentioned topics, understanding it and practicaly build it during the session.
The end outcome of the bootcamp is to build our PORTFOLIO PROJECT and make our profile industry ready.

Portfolio Section
Portfolio Project
What makes a good portfolio project?
Selection of Portfolio project
Discussion on execution
Interview Preparation
Discussion on FAQs
Approaching interview questions
Best practices for interviews
Take home challenges
Resume, Linkedin and Github
Live resume building
What makes a great Linkedin Profile!
Live Linkedin profile building
Building a great Github profile
Presenting your portfolio project
Business Problem Solving and mock Interviews
Business aspect of Data Science
Case Studies
Live group mock interview
Presentation of Portfolio Project
Presentation to industry experts
Feedback and tips
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Pre requisite :
12 Saturday Codealong
9 Sunday sessions
1 hackathon

Schedule: TBD

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