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Codealong - Saturdays

Expectations :
CA - Saturdays are the live mentoring sessions that have been promised to you.
An industry mentor will take up a problem statement and will together solve it with the students while explaining all the steps in it.
The mentor driving the session is someone who is working in the DS industry and solving a real world problem in their respective organisation.
These mentors will share the best practices for going through a project as well as bring in thier experience related to Data Science.
These projects solved on the Saturday’s should taken, built upon by adding your own personal touch and be developed into a full fledged project which can be shown in your profile.
Recording of the sessions will be provided to you within 2 days.

Prerequisites :
Basic use of Jupyter notebook
Understanding the basics of Python programming
Understanding the basics of Machine Learning Pipeline
All of the above will be covered in the basecamp so it is mandatory to attend and understand the Basecamp sessions first.

SPOC : Ramanand Naik
Day : All the Saturdays of the Month
Timing : 8 am IST - 10 am IST
Note :
You have been promised 24 Codealong Saturday sessions
You will be notified in advance if there are any changes in the schedule

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