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Career Sundays

CS sessions are conducted by industry experts who are doing the real work out there.
These industry experts are also involved in the hiring process in their respective organisations, so the insights they share are going to be extremely valuable for someone who is transitioning into the field of DS as well as experienced folks trying to make their organisations data driven.
Inhouse career services team with experts who guide you for a successful transition.
Train you in building your Personal branding collateral: GitHub, Linkedin, Resume & other online presence
Sessions like Solving a Business problem, Understanding the metrics, All about Data and many more will help you understand the problem solving mindset needed to successfully transition into the field of Data Science.
Upskill you into becoming job ready for not just your next job. Understanding the art of being placeable.

Understanding the basic Machine Learning Pipeline covered in the bootcamp and basecamp sessions

SPOC : Ramanand Naik
Day : First 3 Sundays of the month
Timing : 8 am IST - 10 am IST
Note :
This is an offering for students enrolling in the Transition program only
You have been promised 18 Career Sunday sessions
You will be notified in advance if there are any changes in the schedule

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