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Basecamp Sessions

To get you kick-started in your journey in the program, we have arranged these live basecamp sessions where an industry mentor will help you in understanding the basics of programming and Machine Learning, we will cover the following topics:
Basecamp sessions
Understanding Git and Github and basics of Programming Logic
In this session we will understand what is Version Control System, basic git commands and the logic of programming
IPL Data Analysis using basic Python Constructs
We will extensively work with dictionaries and lists here to get started with our python training and analyze the IPL data
Spy Games Data
This session will help us understand string operations, File I/O, conditional statements, loops and Functions in programming
Loan Approval Analysis
We will use the Pandas library to analyze the data to create a targeted marketing campaign for different segments
Visualization for company Stakeholder
In this session we with the help of visualization techniques we will help our company stakeholder get visual insights on the company's operations.
Understanding basic Descriptive Stats with Titanic Data
In this session we will get an idea of how even basic descriptive statistics is used and can help improve our understanding of the data
Rent a Bike Regression Problem
We will understand the machine learning pipeline with this regression problem statement of predicting the number of bike sales
Classification in Machine Learning and Program Expectations
We will understand the ML pipeline for classification with the task of predicting whether a person makes over $50K a year or not and understand what to expect ahead in the program
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Prerequisites : Installing , cloning or downloading the for upcoming sessions and the basics of using a
Repository :
Timing :
Saturday : 8 am - 10 am
Sunday : 8 am - 10 am
Note : You will be notified in advance if there are any changes in the timings

Note - The sessions conducted for basecamp will not be considered as a part of the promised 24 sessions, these sessions are GreyAtom’s attempt to fasten your learning process

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