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The biggest challenge is to find skilled and dedicated app developers with a restricted start-up budget. Recruiters spend a lot of time looking for the right developer, but only a few can afford to wait for this much time. These days’ developers are in high demand thus finding the right one becomes difficult. Here we will see where and how to . We found a detailed step to step guide on how to hire a developer.
The article has been divided into sections considering the factors needed while hiring.
Types of Android Application Developers
Android developers can be hired in-house, as freelancers, or as an outsourced team. The next step to this is to decide which type of developer you need for your project. There are three types of android developers-
Freelance developers: Self-employed android programmers;
In-house developers: Classic developers who work with your company on your project;
Outsourced team: A team from another company develops your product.
Now look into the details of these types of android developers:
In-House Android Application Developers
This is the most classic type of android developer. This is popular in large companies as it makes programming convenient and the developers are always at hand.
Pros for hire android app developers in-house:
Stable team, there is no need of finding a new team each
Deep involvement
In-project expertise
Great communication and Teamwork
Better control on the project
No cultural/language boundaries
Contras for hire android app developers in-house:
Services are of high price
Extra expenses are more (purchase of software and hardware, food, rent for the developer’s office, etc.
Staff dismissal
The lack of experience and expertise in various areas
Other hiring issues
Outsourced Team
This is the most popular type and is mostly used for large-scale projects. It is somewhere between in-house teams and freelancers. It means delegating the project work to a third party. It minimizes the risk of delay and bad quality. Also never forget to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement so that no one steals your project ideas.
Pros for hire android app developers Outsourced team
You don’t need to hire android app developers as an entire team separately hiring each member
Fewer charges in comparison to in-house teams
Working on project management
Price-wise expertise
Contras for hire android app developers Outsourced team
Security and confidentiality are at risk without any agreement
Risk of getting back unsupported code product
Difficulty in management, one needs to replace workers
Freelance Android Application Developers
It is the most convenient type of Android because here you can reduce the cost at the maximum possibility. But also to rely completely on on, look for verified ratings and reviews.
Freelance hiring is best suited for small software updates and tasks. For example integrate APIs, Test pieces of software, fix bugs, etc.
Pros for hire android app developers freelance
Small budget
Wide options of freelance Android application developers around the globe
Works great with small projects
Contras for hire android app developers freelance
One has to manage the whole process by themselves
Communication issues
Risk of getting a low-quality product
How to choose?
Every business has a different format. And it all depends on the requirement, financial capabilities, and plans for their startup. If you are planning big, then the best is to hire android app developers through outsourcing or an in-house team. But we are in complete favor of outsourcing and Fulcrum.Rocks are the best.
Benefits of hiring app developer with outsourcing team:
Controllable costs: Here one can save the amount and then invest it in PR and marketing of software application
Expanded access to tools and opportunities: An outsourcing team gives you access to services and tools which are otherwise unavailable and difficult due to high cost.
Increase efficiency: You should choose a team of outsourcing developers with good reviews and portfolios and hire android app developers. This will help achieve more effective and efficient services and also better quality.
Better focus: As the outsourcing team does all the work, the entrepreneur can focus more on business and other steps.
Thus hiring an android app developer with an outsourcing team helps the entrepreneur in making the business project more dynamic and agile. Through this one gets cost savings, improves product quality, and also helps adapt to the volatile condition of the market.
Skills needed in Android App Developers
Android application development projects vary in size and complexities. It all depends on the needs and the varying level of skill in developers. There are three types of Android app developers:
Junior Android App Developer
Small experience (Less than 3 years or 3years)
Has just started developing first
And is developing easy small and less complex android
Does assistance with experienced developers
Middle Android App Developer
More than 3 years of software programming experience.
Have skills to Work on complex and big software projects.
Can also work without assistance from an experienced one.
Senior Android App Developer
The highest level of developer skills
More than 5 years of experience
Works on large projects and has already done in pasts.
Supervises and oversees big tasks and technical projects
Steps in Hiring an Android app developer
Briefly think and define the requirements and goals of your company for the project.
Select the best portfolio and arrange for an interview accordingly. Compare the companies review both negative and positive. Go through their resume and choose the one as per your needs.
Take their interview: Important areas to ask questions about include experience, their latest projects, expertise, and drawbacks. Also ask about hard skills including development tools, operating systems, and functionality. Other soft skill question includes time preference, fluency in English, number of team members, and NDA.
Hiring team: The cooperation should be comfortable and also contact the project manager directly about the work.
Conclusion: Why you should from Fulcrum.Rocks?
Finding a reliable outsourcing company is a very difficult task. But here at Fulcrum.Rocks we offer you:
Saving time
Fewer risks
Formal agreement
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