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Pool Vehicle Management System to Optimize Your Employee Transportation

One of the complex considerations of reopening the office after two years is handling employee transportation and fleets efficiently. With a reduced employee count and staggered schedules driven by the hybrid work model, companies are now revising transport policies to support commuting. They are offering the pool vehicles (corporate car-sharing) option, thereby facilitating attractive and cost-effective mobility options for employees. But this option requires a different type of fleet management approach as compared to company-owned vehicles. And that is a pool vehicle management solution.
Our today’s blog is all about the pool vehicle management system to optimize transportation for your returning employees to the workplace. So, let’s deep dive into the blog.

All About Pool Vehicle Management System

A pool vehicle refers to any automobile or car intended to be used by all employees working in an organization and a pool vehicle management (PVM) system allows maximum use of all pool vehicles. When your employees need to attend a meeting at a different location or go to the same facilities with other colleagues, then they are encouraged to use this system by many companies. Under this system, only authorized employees can use pool vehicles booked beforehand via smart devices.
Implementation of the smart pool vehicle management system demands appropriate infrastructure such as car parking space, a pool vehicle booking system, key management, rules on fuel consumption, charging facilities in case of electric vehicles, insurance, maintenance, ride monitoring mechanism, etc.
Accordingly, a few companies share their pool vehicles with other companies to improve fleet utilization and reduce costs for all associated stakeholders via PVM. Some companies own a certain number of vehicles to simplify employee transportation. In contrast, some tie-up with fleet management companies to get access to pool vehicles used throughout the course of employment. The availability of required vehicles as per the nature of work and utilization of similarly available vehicles are possible only due to the pool vehicle management system.
To incorporate sustainability and improve the carbon footprint, some companies have adopted electronic vehicle (EV) policy and put in place electronic vehicles as pool vehicles, set up dedicated charging stations, and green zones for parking. Through the carpool management system, they are closely monitoring the transit activities on EVs.

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