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How to Select the Right NodeJS Development Company

NodeJS is an open-source JavaScript runtime environment that many businesses leverage to launch high-performing cross-platform applications. But the biggest challenge they face while doing so is choosing the right development partner. As a business owner, selecting an experienced NodeJS development company is important to make the most out of NodeJS.
But how to decide which company has the potential to deliver breakthrough technology solutions? How to get aligned with the one that consistently focuses on satisfying your project needs? To answer these questions and lower the risk of making a wrong decision, our experts have come up with this interesting blog that will help you choose wisely. We will discuss some significant factors in selecting the best company. But first, let’s understand why you need NodeJS in the first place.

Why is NodeJS so Popular?

Adopting NodeJS is a massive trend that is going to transform the software development landscape for the better. What’s making it popular among developers worldwide is its undeniable set of benefits. Here are a few of them.
Full-Stack JS
It is regarded as one of the best full-stack technologies that help to deliver both client and server-side applications. As such, you don’t have to worry about employing separate teams for the backend and frontend development.
Your developers get the privilege to exploit the ergonomic characteristics by utilizing Google’s V8 JavaScript engine that is built on C++. It makes your app more lightweight and agile than ever before.
NodeJS ecosystem is compatible with advanced web hosting solutions. It supports various hosting services such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Heroku, DigitalOcean, Bluehost, EvenNode, Glitch, etc.
NodeJS is event-driven, single-threaded, and offers the caching ability to store data for future activities. These attributes help efficiently process a multitude of simultaneous requests and positively impact the application speed.
Easy Sharing
NodeJS has built-in support for package management with Node Package Manager (NPM), which helps share code effectively. Developers use this tool to deploy and maintain code easily.
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