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And while we certainly hope this collection of docs inspires you to shine a spotlight on your own insights and experiences, we understand if the thought of publishing feels a bit daunting. If you don't feel like you have anything to say, why not take a note from the
Write a quick "about me" page. Craft a book list (May we suggest The Count of Monte Cristo?). Take center stage with a well-crafted resume. Draft a LaCroix flavor bracket (Coconut at the top, please). You get the idea.
It's not about what you say, but that you're saying anything at all.

Templates for starting

A personal website

Just want to say a little something? Choose the "View" mode to have a simple, easy-to-edit web page that others can read but can't touch.

A book list

Want your doc to be interactive and explorable? Choose Play modeーvisitors will be able to use controls, click buttons, and filter tables, but none of their changes will be saved.

A leaderboard with your friends

Let the world into your doc! Docs published in Edit mode enable people to interact AND edit. That means their changes will be saved. (Note: Right now they can only contribute to content within tables). Crowdsource ideas, become a pollster, etc.

Or, start with your existing doc

To publish your doc, follow these steps:

Click Share, and then choose Publish.

Click the 'Share button in the upper right corner of your doc, and choose 'Publish' from the available sharing options.

Choose your Maker Profile.

If this is your first time publishing from your Coda account, you will be able to choose a Coda usernameーwe suggest using something like your real name.
Note: Be careful to input your final alias before clicking 'Create Profile.' Once you click the button, you can't change it.

Set your Doc Interaction.

This is where you determine how people who find your published doc can interact with it. You have three options:
View: Anyone can view your doc—but can't interact with or edit it. Good for articles, instruction manuals, blog posts, etc.
Play: Anyone can view and interact with your docーbut their changes won't be saved. Good for quizzes, calculators, worksheets, etc
Edit: Anyone can view, interact with, and edit your docーand their changes will be saved. Good for voting, brainstorming, crowdsourcing, etc.


Confirm your Doc Settings.

You have a few more controls to determine how people can find your doc, navigate your doc and put your doc into action:
Copy: Do you want to show a button for users to copy and have their own version of this doc to interact with and use?
Discoverability: Toggle this on to have your doc indexed with search engines; toggle this off to add a tag so that it won't be indexed for search.
Show sections in top nav: Toggle this on to make your folders look like tabs at the top of your published doc, with sections as drop-down options.


Customize and choose a URL for your doc.

We suggest leaving the default URL 😀
Note that this URL cannot be changed after you publish your doc.

Take the final leap!

If you want to preview how your doc will look before you publish it, click 'Open preview.'
Or, click 'Next' to move on. Coda will check your doc for some common best practices, and make some recommendations if we detect any opportunities. After making any selections, click 'Apply and publish' . . . and, voilà! You've got a published doc.
Here's all of these steps one last time:

More goodies from our Help Center

Additional FAQs

Can I see stats on how my doc is performing?

You can review Views and Copies in your Doc Stats.

Can I publish a private doc to just my team?

We don't directly offer such an option at this time. We recommend leveraging the existing share options within your workspace to ensure your teammates and company can find your docs as desired.

Can I make my published doc paid?

Published docs are not paywalled by Coda at this time, but we know our Makers would love to make money with their docs! We don't have an official way to do this, but we've seen others set-up their own systems to gate access to docs to paying users. We will continue to keep this in mind as we evolve our current product offering.

If I use a photo from Unsplash for my cover, do I have to provide attribution or acquire a license?

It's not required to do so, although attribution is always appreciated by photographers in the Unsplash community. Check out Unsplash's licensing details page for more information:

Where does the data for the URL unfurl come from?

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