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Android 13 Features and Changes: Check What’s New

Google launched the major Android update – Android 13, and the latest Android version is shipping to only pixel devices right now. This time Google has not made significant changes as it did with with its OS personalization, privacy, and much more.
Android Tiramisu, aka Google Android 13, is focused more on user-facing features, functions, themes, privacy, security, and Android developers’ productivity. Google has enhanced the capabilities to better enable an ultimate personalized user experience.
Let us explore Android 13 features in detail.

#1 Personalization The Way You Want

Material You was the major overhaul of Android 12. Google has refined certain aspects of it with a new look and style. You can customize the home screen and lock screen of your smartphone by setting the wallpaper of your choice and changing the Android app theme, color, and language of each app. Let’s see how you can better personalize your phone.
New Themed Icons
Make your home screen unique by customizing your app icons with the tints and colors of your phone wallpaper or theme. This is applicable to all Google apps as well as non-Google apps. You can create a uniform design for your home screen by dipping most of your apps into the same theme.
To customize your smartphone, tap and hold on to your home screen, Select “Wallpaper & style,” and turn on themed icons.
You will see a beautiful color palette to pick from. There are 16 different color themes for a single wallpaper. This enables you to set the user interface without changing your wallpaper.
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