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4 Strategies to Adopt for Maximum Fleet Utilization

With each passing day, compliance directives, rising transportation costs, the labor market, and ever-changing customer expectations are making fleet utilization much more challenging and tough. Indeed, fleet managers and decision-makers are taking the necessary steps to deal with these variables. But when it comes to addressing unanticipated requirements and complexities, they are unable to employ simple yet practical solutions that can optimize their fleet’s performance and achieve desired results.
As a business owner, it is imperative to have a vehicle utilization plan that focuses on monitoring, analyzing, and automating complex tasks in a hassle-free way. Our today’s blog will give you all the information to make a robust, fail-safe plan and generate profitable outcomes in the long run. We have also compiled a list of the most important strategies that can help you increase the efficiency of your fleets by 2x and use it to their full potential. But first, let’s understand some basics.

What is Fleet Utilization?

Fleet or vehicle utilization is nothing but an imperative that outlines the overall performance or use of fleets. It is a comparison of demand to fleet capacity or threshold. Demand and capacity are bound to change, while there is optimum utilization of fleets for different locations concerning separate vehicle classes at different timelines. Therefore, the approach to managing and using it also varies. To put it simply, each vehicle is different, and fleet managers need to thoroughly understand their business needs to make the most out of their fleets.
For instance, if you use 3 out of 6 vehicles at the same time, your utilization rate is 50% or 3/10 for that particular time frame. Similarly, if your target was to achieve utilization of 600 miles in a month, but you managed to complete only 300, then the utilization rate for that month would be 50% or 300/600. So how can you use your fleet effectively? Let’s understand.

Top Strategies to Ensure Better Fleet Utilization

Now that you know all the basics, it is time to define the plan of action for your vehicles and take your business to the next level. This plan should include the below key strategies to improve fleet efficiency.

#1 Leverage Tech-enabled Advancements

With the use of powerful technology tools, fleet managers can easily monitor different types of vehicles from a centralized platform and benefit accordingly. Here are a few digital solutions that you can opt for:
Fleet Management Software
When used rightly, fleet management software can improve daily operations and boost cross-team performance. It connects with different fleet members in real-time and helps make better decisions for your company. It facilitates fleet route optimization to avoid negatively impacting scheduled arrival times. Managers can store and access all the necessary information related to drivers (behavior, operational time, idle time, etc.) and vehicles (availability, maintenance, downtime, etc.) as and when required.
You can employ fleet maintenance management software to automate recurring tasks and surface information instantly. It provides freedom from monotonous paperwork and helps to plan maintenance activities accordingly.
Web and Mobile Applications
It is important to stay connected with your in-house and onsite team to have real-time visibility into existing, completed, pending, and upcoming tasks. That’s where a fleet tracking app can help. It can keep every team member in sync and maximize fleet efficiency. It gives your team the privilege to update vehicle status, complete inspections, and report issues irrespective of their location. As all records are accessible via smartphones, drivers get enough room to stay prepared for necessary transportation audits and checks
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