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How to create REST API using AWS SAM CLI and Java with CORS support

AWS SAM stands for AWS Serverless Application Model. It is created by AWS to make deployment of AWS Lambda functions easier. With AWS SAM you can describe your serverless application as a YAML file. Then using AWS SAM CLI, you can use this YAML file to deploy all the necessary AWS resources required by your application. Under the hood, AWS SAM CLI generates a Cloud Formation template, which is then used to create and modify the resources required for the application.
In this article we will see how to create a REST API using AWS SAM CLI using the Java programming language. There are some tutorials on the web which show this, however these tutorials don’t show how to handle some common aspects such as CORS implementation. Recently I had to deploy a quick API using AWS SAM and Java, however, I couldn’t find an easy to follow tutorial on how to handle CORS implementation with this. After doing some trial and error with some Stack Overflow answers, I managed to get it to work properly. Hence I thought it’s better to write a tutorial to cover CORS implementation also along with a basic REST API. So let’s get started.
Before starting you will need to ensure that you have , and
installed and configured on your system. For this tutorial I am using JDK 11. As of September 2022, it seems that AWS Lambda doesn’t support JDK 17 runtime. This may change in future. If you want to test your API locally, you will also need installed. Also ensure that you have to use with your AWS CLI using the aws configure command.
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