Task 1 and task 2
What happens then a message is send to a group of users in a particular status and new users are added to that status or users have left the status
MVP approach ? Phases approach?
The super proctor does not have any concrete data point to know if the proctor is working or not, not even the few data points that the operations team has. This leads to low proctor quality and low client satisfaction.
Task 3?
Communication through whatsapp groups has caused some troubles including but not limited to sharing of mobile numbers with strangers, incorrect messaging between different stakeholders (clients, proctors, super proctors) & delayed response / high TAT for doubt resolution due to involvement of multiple platforms (Awign, client platform and whatsapp)
a third party chat with channel option explore?
why do we require to see whether a proctor has read the message or not.
Guidance during availability and activation phase not at all available to the proctors
a third party chat with channel option explore?
what guidance is required? Can the product be intuitive to minimize guidance? Can we have operations support for each project to provide guidance and answer queries in execution?
confusing UX - exist
payouts -
Manual mapping of proctors and super proctors by operations team consumes crucial time on the eve of the drive.
How big is this problem?
How much time does it take to map this?
Can we explore triggers to begin with?
Can this be done in phase 2?

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