PRD - Task 3 - Super proctor dashboard

A dashboard to display the status of supply partners and other data points to judge their performance. This will also include certain action items that the super proctors can take.
User Stories
As a super proctor, I should be able to
See the complete list of supply assigned to me with the following data about the supply
Proctor name
Proctor overall score
Proctor work experience (total proctoring hours)
Status (List of statuses to be added separately)
Last alert raised time stamp (displayed as last alert raised)
No of alerts raised

Take the following actions with the supply
Mark unresponsive / inactive
Report to operations with a compulsory comment (comment is compulsory)
Open the individual chat box with a particular supply
Open the direct message to send message to all supply
Provide feedback to every supply after the exam
Make a phone bridge call to the supply that is being assigned to me for this drive (only in app)

All features are only for the web except for the phone bridge feature
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