Problem statements/Requirements

There are some problem statements related to super proctors -
The super proctor does not have any concrete data point to know if the proctor is working or not, not even the few data points that the operations team has. This leads to low proctor quality and low client satisfaction.
Communication through WhatsApp groups has caused some troubles including but not limited to sharing of mobile numbers with strangers, incorrect messaging between different stakeholders (clients, proctors, super proctors) & delayed response / high TAT for doubt resolution due to involvement of multiple platforms (Awign, client platform and whatsapp)
Guidance during availability and activation phase not at all available to the proctors
Manual mapping of proctors and super proctors by operations team consumes crucial time on the eve of the drive.

Present process being implemented

The operations team creates multiple whatsapp groups for different interactions (client-proctor, operations-proctor, proctor-super proctor).
The proctor-super proctor mapping is done manually by operations team by uploading a proctor lead id - super proctor.


Super proctors
Client POCs
Operations team

Risk and dependencies

The super proctors need to be of the highest quality since their onboarding is mostly handled off the product. This is not a problem right now since the numbers are around 25-30 and it is not expected to go more than 50.

Impact on solving the problem (Success criteria)

Proctors will be able to receive proper guidance from their assigned super proctors through a single platform. This will be enhanced as super proctors will know what exactly the proctor is doing and guide them better.
Chaos will be reduced when transitioned to in-app communication as compared to Whatsapp.
Proctors can clear their doubts about pseudo-real time from the operations team during availability and activation phase as well.
There will be no effort required to create proctor-super proctor matching from the operations team.

High level solution (Project scope and user stories)

A 1-1 and 1-many chatbox feature for proctors and operations communication will be created for availability, activation and allocation phase.
A 1-1 and 1-many chatbox feature for proctors and super proctors will be created for the drive phase to monitor the supply and provide guidance to them for any doubts they might have. Pre-defined templates will be created for the super proctors to communicate with the supply.
This will also include a super proctor dashboard which will have the status of every workforce and the corresponding actions they can take. (ex - message proctors, make phonebridge call with proctors etc)
Distribution Logic-
System will assign the proctor to that super proctor which has the least no of proctors allocated. In case of tie, the allocation will be done randomly.
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Designs for case study

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