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Jan: Bootstrapping Projects

An outline is given to help the teams towards the completion of each Project Management using examples from Marketing and Usability.
e.g. Usability includes design of processes, of space, of delivery,
In the past, it helped shift the perception of us as ‘these guys are unorganized’, to ‘evolution journey is so intricately detailed’.
Usability is even more important for the team.
When we have 1000 people, you don’t have the people and the time to train the people. There’ll be gap between hire and people trained to be on the flow. Usability to reduce the dependence and load on our people.
If we get usability to excel, we can move from 6 referrals a month (1 lakh above) to 30.
Generally, the business prioritizes health, then events, then how to make campaigns work for success.
The goals that all the teams will rivet towards are:
By March 31st, the business is equipped to bring 20 CR sale every month
Reaching 1000 EIS
To ensure that we achieve our goals, the Bootstrapping Projects team will meet together at 12 pm every day till all the departments are automated. Initially, the meeting is expected to happen for an hour as there is detailed discussion required for a few days. Eventually, the agenda is to bring the meeting time down to 15-20 mins.
A critical aspect to that is Vertical Integration. The document for Vertical Integration is introduced
The function of Vertical Integration is to ‘no matter what happens, vi has to still make sure that the outcomes are still achieved’. Just making sure these outcomes happen in addition to the responsibilities.
Vertical Integration: Weekly measurement called Active Pioneers.
e.g. Why there’s so much HPC, why there’s so much burning the midnight oil. There’s so much of the new territory to be penetrated.
We were amateur at writing copies, but we are doing in new territories where we are putting the installation impact.
To be able to pioneer, you need
Great Vitality
Great Leadership
Great Education
Implementation Team
For each of these, there are metrics. When they come in, are they already zoned in, coming in meditated.
Dr. Sudha’s agenda is to complete the full list of Leadership.
Antano’s agenda is put the metric for Education.
Currently, there are 16 potential pioneers, if we have the right leadership for the important project days and education and orientation in place, we will be able to hit 100%.
Currently, we are at 30% which is 5-6 out of 16.
Vertical Integration team is looking at can we increase 33% pioneers, and achieve 85%.

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